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Which Glue is the Best for You?

As you can see here, there are all kinds of glue. Each are unique in use and good for many kinds of crafty needs. I’m here to share a little bit about each one and what I use them for.

White School Glue & Tacky Glue: These are used for pretty much the same thing, good all purpose glues. They are wet and messy, but get the glue job done. I like to use Tacky Glue with fabric and felt, like gluing these Star Wars finger puppets and this farm glove puppet. Tacky Glue is great if my kids are helping with the fabric projects.

Rubber Cement: If you’re only wanting to bond something temporarily, rubber cement is the way to go. When this glue dries, it’s becomes a spongy solid and if you peel it back carefully, it should allow your item to be removed, which can come in handy.

Spray Glue:  I’ve used spray glue with my stitched greeting cards as it’s great for gluing the thick threaded paper to another piece of paper. When you spray, you need to be in a place that is well ventilated. And sometimes the spray glue can wonder as it’s being sprayed, so just make sure you’ve got a good work station for spraying, like newspaper set down.

Glue Dots: My favorite glue right now. They are great for attaching googley eyes and ribbon. They will make your item a little raised, as it’s a thick glue dot (well, more thick than most other glues). And they can get bunched up and fold on top of themselves if you aren’t careful taking them off their wrapper. Here are some icky sticky spider webs and googly eye monster bookmarks where I’ve use glue dots.

Glue Stick: I love this for kids. When I taught school, this was about the only glue I used with the kids for their projects. It’s fairly mess free, easy for little hands to hold, and projects dry quickly. You do need to make sure the lid gets put back on tight or it will dry out fast.

Decopauge – aka Mod Podge: This is probably the most used glue in the crafter’s world. It is best used to bond paper and then seal it. It gives your project a nice shiny look and gives it a professional finish. There are endless possibilities to this, as seen with Modge Podge Rocks! I used it with these photo cubes and wood Halloween signs. It’s a great glue to have on hand.

Glue Tape: I was introduced to this type of glue tape when my sister was covering journals with paper. It’s clean, quick, and goes on pretty easy. And it’s not wet, so your paper won’t curl or bend after it dries. It’s pretty much a sticky thin double-sided tape.

Hot Glue: This is great for bonding heavier objects, like wood, magnets, or even fabric. This is an Adult Only glue device, so if you have children wanting to glue, use the tacky glue or glue dots.

Have I missed a glue that you use? Make sure to share it in the comments!


  1. I learned the hard way not to try using hot glue on glass…peeled right off (I didn’t want that). So, bought glass glue & much better! I haven’t worked with different materials on crafts until this year. Never realized how having different types of adhesives would come in handy.

  2. Can anyone suggest a glue for my current project?
    I am gluing some 6″ tin squares to my kitchen tile backsplash. I want a good sturdy glue yet, I want to be able to remove it at will. Of course, I don’t want any damage to the tiles below.

    I would appreciate any suggestions and thanks.

  3. My boys use gorilla glue for their heavy duty invention projects (recently they went all Toy Story on old plastic action figures and rubber animals). It works about as well as hot glue but I won’t let them use that.

    Our glue stick projects peel apart sometimes, too. I’ve noticed it especially if I’m using the color changing one.

  4. Connie I saw your comment and just had to reply. I have been making crafts for kids with glue sticks for several years and never had that happen. I wonder if maybe you got a bad batch, the glue was old, the surface you glued them onto was shiny, or maybe you used a generic brand? Just wondered as I’ve never had that problem and wonder why that may have happened to you.

  5. After a few days, papers with glue stick projects came apart. My first graders did lots of gluing small pictures onto a large sheet, like pictures that started with “s” onto a big sheet. We’d hang up their pictures and in a few days pieces would be found on the floor. Art projects fell apart. So we quit using glue sticks.

  6. E6000 rocks for crafts. I love mod podge and hot glue as well. By the way, who won the cordless hot glue gun?

  7. Beacon Zip Dry glue is the best glue!
    It doesn’t wrinkle or buckle your paper. I can use it for everything and it is acid free.

  8. I often find myself turning to silicone for many of my projects. My husband turned me on to it when I was remaking a computer cabinet into a huge cat playhouse. A little dab will do. But it does require heavy ventilation. There is a smaller version of silicone made by GE (really!) that is called Premium Waterproof Silicone, Silicone II-clear. I use it for smaller projects like jewelry or mixed media or really anything requiring two different surfaces. Found it in in the home improvement aisle at the local discounter. It was not with other glues. Find it in the weather proofing aisle.

  9. Hi marie :) I can think of three others that are always in my arsenal:

    Beacons 3-in-1 Instant Grab Glue – this is a safe alternative to a hot glue gun when working with kids. Because of the projects I do for Kaboose, I have to steer clear of hot glue, so this works fabulous and I use it a lot.

    Felt Glue – I prefer felt glue over white craft glue for felt projects. White craft glue has a tendency to soak into the felt, whereas felt glue does not. Again, I make lots of stuff with felt, so this is always in my supply cabinet :)

    Gorilla Glue – i keep this on hand for more home decor related things. It does require a bond, meaning that you have to vice grip the item or stack some heavy stuff on top while it dries as the glue expands and will push your project apart.

    I have actually never used Modge Podge. I have always made my own decoupage out of white glue and water. One of these days I’ll give it a whirl!

    Great post, I’ve linked to it over at Craft Gossip :)

  10. Great post!
    I’m having a glue-related quandary, perhaps you all can help. I love how well E6000 works, but it’s SO stinky, and the stink stays for days! I’ve been wondering what other super-type glue holds as well, but does not remain stinky. Does gorilla glue fit the bill?

  11. I LOVE the double sided tape for making books. I can’t stand elmer’s glue because it takes so long to dry (I’m a super impatient crafter!) I also really like Gorilla Glue, it’s a super glue that’s great. I use it all the time.

  12. Your post is very informative. I never knew what mod podge even was, I use to pass it by in the isles. Also, rubber cement, now that I have read your post my mind is ticking away with ideas that require peeling away of the project! Thanks, you have sparked my imagination!

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