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5 Healthy Ways to Eat a Rainbow

March is our favorite rainbow-spotting month! Whether you are planning a special St. Patrick’s Day meal or celebrating the coming of spring, a colorful rainbow-inspired meal is a fun way to cook alongside your kids. Eating the rainbow has never been more delicious!

I can never bring myself to use oodles of food coloring in my kids’ meals, so I’m looking to the beautiful colors of fruits and veggies for these rainbow meals. Here are five delicious and healthy ways to eat a rainbow:

5 Healthy Ways to Eat a Rainbow

5 Healthy Ways to Eat a Rainbow

1. Rainbow Wraps:

What a delicious and fun way to eat a rainbow of veggies. I might even grate or finely shred the veggies when I make these for my girls – it seems like the smaller the vegetable pieces are, the more they will eat! {via Super Healthy Kids}

Rainbow Lunch Wrap

2. Rainbow Fruit Cups:

Adorable and portable! These colorful fruit cups would be great for a classroom snack or family picnic. I love the idea of some fresh whipped cream or vanilla yogurt on top. Yum! {via My Frugal Adventures}

Rainbow fruit cups

3. Rainbow Sandwich Bar:

We love doing a make-your-own sub sandwich bar for dinner – how awesome is this buffet of ingredients in rainbow colors? I know my girls would have such fun brainstorming and shopping for this meal! This would be a fun addition to a party, too! It will be so much fun to see how many different sandwiches we can create! {via elsie marley}

Rainbow Sandwich Bar

4. Rainbow Soup:

It’s still chilly enough to enjoy a delicious bowl of soup. My girls love soup and bread for dinner! This colorful veggie soup looks amazing, especially with those purple potatoes. Purple cauliflower would be a fun addition, too! And don’t forget to add the cheese on top! {via the freckled pie}

Rainbow Soup

5. Alphabet Rainbow Pasta Salad:

Pasta salads are great vehicles for eating tons of veggies. I love the idea of using alphabet-shaped pasta! Let your kids help choose a colorful assortment of veggies to add- that way they’re more likely to actually eat it. {via teach. eat. love.}

Alphabet Rainbow Pasta Salad

My girls are already looking over my shoulder at all these colorful meals and talking about which one to make first. Who knows? I think we’ll take a trip to the grocery store and browse through the produce section, looking for options from each color group. Maybe they will be inspired to try some new fruits and veggies this month!

Happy rainbow cooking and eating!

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  1. When I read the title of the article I thought the best way to eat a rainbow is to eat fruits and vegetables. That is exactly what I saw when I read your post.

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