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Valentine Cards That Make Your Heart POP!

Want to send a Valentine card that really POPs?! Try this fun technique for helping your card stand out from the crowd. Because “Valentine, you make my heart POP!”

Supplies for Heart Pop Up Cards:

  • 1 sheet of paper, any size
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • 1 sheet of cardstock paper, larger than your first paper
  • small cut out shape of a heart
  • crayons, markers, or stickers to decorate

1. Fold your smaller paper in half. With your pencil, draw 2 lines on the edge of a folded card about 2 inches apart and 1 inch in. You can make your lines large or small, fat or skinny. It all depends on what you are planning to have pop out on the inside.

2. Cut along the pencil lines with your scissors.

3. Fold back the cut out area to make a good crease in the fold.

4. Open up the card and bend the new fold forward, making it pop out.

Now you can glue anything you want to the space that pops out. Make sure not to put glue on the top of the step, just the front edge. We added our large 2-3 inch heart.

Glue on your cardstock piece of paper to the back. Then write some fun words to your Valentine. I wrote “You make my heart POP!” for a fun Valentines day card. This card is ready to give your loved one this Valentines!


  1. hi my name is sabrina and i like making pop up cards but mostly every website has boring easy ones i want something challenging and fun and so cool and unusual that people say how did you make that!can you help me

    1. Sabrina,I think I found the site for you!One of my Favorites is the Valentine Candy
      Box. I didn’t like the cartoon looking candy in the box so I cut out Real Candy Pics and
      as far as I am concerned it looks way better and more Intricate than theirs.
      I also made my Candy Boxes in Different Colors.
      Red is my Favorite to make.
      I want to give or sell them for Valentines Day or (and) Sweetest Day.
      I hope you get this and that you agree with me.
      I did the Reply under your name,if you can let me know you read this okay?
      I just saw this today July 14th,2011.

  2. heejj ik ben leentje en ik wil alleen zeggen dat deze sait te gek is !! omg ik ben er alijd op !! en vind het fijn !!!!

    grtjes leentje en hoop da deze sait lng blijft bestaan !!

    1. wilt ge da weg doen, da was van toen ik nog klein was & iedereen vind da terug, verwijder gewoon mijn reactie ofs?

  3. I enjoy doing cards with pop-ups and I even put pop-ups in my scrapbooks (just have to slice the page protector so that it can pop up with the card). I usually use pictures on mine and cut around the people so that there is no background “noise” to my pop-up. I like to do various size slits so that I can have multiple pops at the same time.

  4. Meagan – I have lots of ideas for you. I will email you!

    Sue – I am so glad that you can use these projects. I have spent hours on these pop cards, making them bigger and better.

  5. I just found out today that I will be teaching an ESE Kindergarten class of 8. I start Friday. Next week is Valentine’s Day. I know you used to teach Kindergarten. What are some fun ideas that you did?? I have a para for 6 hours since it is ESE so I will have help for little projects. Thanks so much!!!

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