Celebrate 2010 with Some Goofy Glasses

We’re celebrating the new year with some fun and crafty glasses. We’re getting excited to be heading into 2010 and will be sporting these spectacles as we ring in the new year on Dec. 31st. I don’t know if the kids will last until midnight, but they’ll be rockin’ it with some goofy glasses as long as they can keep their little eyes open!

2010 Kids Craft Glasses

Celebrate 2010 with Some Goofy Glasses

Supplies for 2010 Glasses:

  • pipe cleaner (aka chenille stems, fuzzy stix)
  • scissors

2010 Crafty Glasses Supplies

We’re making small glasses for little eyes, so we’re cutting the pipe cleaner in half. (If you want to make glasses for adults, don’t cut the pipe cleaner, leave them long.) You’ll need 3 long pipe cleaners, then cut them all in half. And for the wire that is going to be the number 1, cut off an inch of it for twisting later.

2010 Pipe Cleaner Craft

Form your numbers. Curve your 2. Then loop and fold together the two ends for the 0’s.

2010 Chenille Stem Kids Craft

Now you need to hook them all together. You’ll start with the two 0’s and the number 1. Take that little 1 inch piece you cut off earlier and loop and twist it around them, with the number 1 in the middle. Make sure to flatten out the twist, so it doesn’t poke anyone in the eye.

2010 Twisting Crafty Glasses

For the rims that go over the ears, attach one of the halves of wire to the number 2 and the other wire half to the number 0. Bend the ends of the rims to fit over the ears.

2010 Kids Crafty New Year Glasses

Now these glasses are ready for a pair of eyes. Yay for 2010! Happy New Year!

2010 New Years Craft

And make a few New Year’s Noise Makers to go along with your goofy glasses!

2010 New Years Crafty Noise Makers



  1. The whole family can make them and wear them when a kids gets glasses for the first time. This is a fun way to encourage him to wear glasses

  2. That was so cute! And we made some for my little son – but everyone has to put them on :) Thanks for sharing this nice idea.

  3. Just wanted to let you know we made these for our New Year’s celebration. They were a hit. Everyone in the group wanted a pair. Good thing I had stocked up on more pipe cleaners/chenille stems just in case.

  4. Awesome! I saw the big fat quiz of the year and Jimmy Carr said there’d be no more silly glasses coz the 0s aren’t together anymore, but you’ve just gone and blown his theory right outta the water! Nice work

  5. I am not crafty AT ALL. My kids gets all of their art and crafts from school. However, THIS I could do! And we did. And we had so much fun. It made our little 8pm ‘fake’ New Year’s Ever that much more fun and festive.

  6. Thanks so much for this! This year was the first year my kids were old enough to stay up for New Year’s and these glasses made the night that much more fun for them!

  7. Elise – Great idea with the calendars, perfect for reusing/recycling. ! I love it.

    Alyssa – You can do this, easy. These numbers are very simple to manipulate with the pipe cleaners!

    Have a Happy New Year!

  8. I love the glasses I am going to try to make them with my daughter. I have a feeling they will not come out as good as yours did. Pipe cleaners are not that easy to work with. In case I was feeling creative and crafty I read your site and remind myself I have a long way to go… Happy and healthy New Year to you and your loved ones. I look forward to reading more in 2010 from you!

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