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Chocolate Chip S’mores Surprise

Is there anything better than a bonfire in the mountains? I love the fresh air, the smell of the bonfire smoke, and making memories with my family. Oh, and S’MORES. Last weekend we toasted marshmallows up the canyon, but we only had chocolate chips for our S’mores. We’d never used chocolate chips before, so it was a new experience. Jordan and I ended up having ourselves a friendly competition to make the perfect S’more. Since we both think our own method is the most clever, I need your help to decide the winner! So I’m presenting both of our Chocolate Chip S’mores and you tell me which one you think is best!

Chocolate Chip S'mores Surprise

Chocolate Chip S’mores Surprise

Supplies for S’more Surprise:

  • large marshmallows
  • chocolate chips
  • campfire skewer
  • graham crackers – optional

Marie’s Method:
First, make 2-4 holes into the sides of your large marshmallow with the campfire skewer (for adult use only, please be careful if these are hot or have been near the fire.) Now push one chocolate chip into each hole made previously by the skewer (again carefully if your skewers are hot). Then place your marshmallow all the way onto the campfire skewer, from top to bottom, avoiding the holes you just made.

S'mores with chocolate chip

Roast your chocolate chip filled marshmallow over the fire, until toasted to your liking.

Toasting S'mores

I like to add it between 2 sections of a graham cracker. Perfection!

Eating a S'more

Jordan’s  Method:
Toast your marshmallow until just golden on all sides. Go slow, these things take time.

Toasting Marshmallows

Then carefully slide the marshmallow off the skewer and into the palm of your hand. Now proceed to insert as many chocolate chip into the hole left from the skewer. Keep filling with chocolate chips until it’s almost over flowing. Now devour, no graham cracker necessary.

Chocolate S'mores

Either way, using chocolate chips was a lot of fun. And both methods are super delicious. But now it’s time to vote! Jordan’s is about maximum chocolate intake! Mine is about being cute and crafty! Which do you prefer?



  1. I stuff my marshmallows with chocoalte chips all the time!! cuz i want the chocolate to melt WITH the marshmallow. i don’t like adding the chocolate to a hot marshmallow because it doesn’t melt as much as i’d want it to.

  2. I am not a fan of graham crackers, so I have to go with Jordan on this one! MAXIMUM chocolate!! MMMMMM. Try that with a strawberry marshmallow … I bet that would be yummy too. : )

  3. I just came across this, and I would definitely vote with Jordan. The more chocolate – the better. But I would then put some (some I’d eat as is) of the filled marshmallows between graham crackers. Fun idea!

  4. My friend and I are going to make something similar to this for our project.We looked at your pictures and our mouths were watering.We went to my house and we tried it and it was soooo… yummy!

  5. Marie, Cute and crafty wins EVERY TIME! Plus, I think there is such a thing as too much chocolate on a s’more and the graham cracker is pretty much mandatory. Yum!

  6. I’m afraid my son has helped me find a better “Marshmallow Sandwich” . Just put peanut butter on the cracker and then your chocolate chips won’t fall off and it’ll taste awesome. In fact, we just blogged our recipe!
    I have to keep the crackers, so my vote is for that one!!

  7. Marie – my mouth is watering. Either way sounds delish to me! I shared your idea (and linked to you) on my coupon blog since we just had a great sale on all the S’mores goodness last week! Although I was out of town and missed it. Seriously considering going to the store and purchasing stuff anyway! Thanks for sharing your FAB idea!

  8. Sorry Jordan, Marie also gets my vote. The perfect smore has melty chocolate. And with my luck, I would burn my hand with the hot marshmellow. When I have chocolate bars, I place the chocolate on one graham cracker and place near fire to melt for perfect gooeyness.

  9. It’s not a s’more without the graham crackers. That being said, I will vote for your husband’s low-carb s’more, because a chocolate filled marshmallow sounds great! I wished we had this idea when camping this weekend and made the traditional treat.

  10. Definitely Marie’s method! Need the graham cracker! And who doesn’t love cute and crafty!?!? :)

  11. Us girls need to stick together…I’m totally with Marie! A s’more just isn’t a s’more without the graham, man! These are also tasty treats in the microwave. My kids have perfected them…put 1 large marshmallow on 1/2 graham cracker, put in microwave for 10 seconds or so (the kids love watching them get big), top with chocolste and another 1/2 graham cracker and you’ve got one quick & easy sweet treat! The warm marshmallow melts the chocolate just right! I think I need to buy some s’mores fixins pronto!!!

  12. No disrespect to Jordan, but method number one(yours) is definitely the way to go. No hot hand–won’t take too long for the marshmallow cooking, and finally, to me it’s not a s’more without the graham cracker:).

  13. I love the idea of using choc chips. Since I like the graham cracker…I have to vote your way! I think just the marshmallow and chips would be too sweet for me.

  14. Jordan – You’re goin’ down!!

    Christie – oh my! A Reeses sounds way better than both of these. I have used a Kit Kat and that’s really good too!

  15. One of my husband’s favorite snacks is a PB Mallow. Saltine crackers with a bit of peanut butter and a marshmallow.

  16. YUM. I have never thought about making them like that. I love the graham cracker crunch though, so I vote g.c. method.

  17. Graham cracker needed for sure. I like my chocolate ooey-gooey too. So i like the stuffing before the roasting.
    Sorry Jordan.

  18. wow I’m very impressed by all this chocolate chip stuffing. But I have to go with Marie! Sorry Jordan!

  19. I’m splitting my vote. The graham crackers are a must. I would vote for you if you could load 6 or 8 chocolate chips in before toasting it. I would have to cook it your husband’s way but sandwich it between two crackers before eating it.

  20. I vote for efficiency and maximum chocolate intake. Though I would probably still mush ’em in between graham crackers.

  21. I’d have to go with the hubby’s way. I sometimes make a treat when the kids are in bed over the stove top, and that is how I do it. Yummmm.

  22. I would have to say I would have to go with your way. I have to have the graham cracker in there and I love idea of the chips melting with the mashmallow. Either way they both look very good and I am now wishing I had a wood burning pit of somesort to make this come true.

  23. We made smores this weekend too-have to try it with chocolate chips. I vote for your method, I like my chocolate melty and gooey.

  24. Well I am usually all about the chocolate intake as well, however it is not a true s’more without the graham cracker! My vote goes to you! Although they both sound yummo!

  25. I love your method Marie, you get my vote. The gooier the better! I wish I had saw tthis post before we went camping this weekend!

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