Crafty 4th of July Firework Pom Poms

The Forth of July is one of my FAVORITE holidays. The parades, the weather, the matching outfits, the BBQs with friends and family, and just being outside! I decided to think of an easy craft for my kids to use on July 4th. This kid’s craft will help you get ready to cheer on the fabulous floats at this weekend’s parade. These fun Firework Pom Poms are the perfect sparkler for your child to hold as the clowns and marching bands go by. You’ll just need a few simple supplies to get started. Read on for the full tutorial.

Crafty Firework Pom Poms

Crafty 4th of July Firework Pom Poms

Supplies for Firework Pom Poms:

  • yarn, preferablly red, white, and blue
  • 2 pipe cleaner (aka chenille stems)
  • scissors
  1. First, measure out 4 yards of each color of yarn, red, white, and blue.

Yarn Pom Pom craft

2. Then group them together and fold them over in half, again and again and again. Now depending on how long you want your pom poms, you can stop folding when ever you’d like. I folded mine in half, until the very end, I folded it in thirds, as I wanted it a little longer than folding it in half again. You’ll see when you make these yourself.

4th of July Yarn

3. Wrap the pipe cleaner around all the yarn in the center of the folds. Then take your second pipe cleaner and split the yarn and pull it through and around again, this secures it. (For the pipe cleaners, you can leave it all in once piece or for short pom poms, cut one long one in half to make your two pieces.)

Pipe Cleaner wrapped

Pipe Cleaner wrapped again

4. Then twist up the pipe cleaners together. I even cut off the ends of the pipe cleaners to make an even look, and it makes the ends not so pokey.

Firework Pipe Cleaner Twist

5. Now cut all your loops of yarn to make them into strings, and it’s ready to firework away! My kids are way too excited for Saturday’s big parade, practicing their cheers “go USA”!

Crafty Firework Pom Pom

We hope you enjoy making these cute pom pom firework and using them to celebrate our Independence Day with friends and family. Have fun and be safe!

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  1. Love it! I’m making a bunch for the kids to shake at the parade tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration!! Oh and I too am sharing on facebook

  2. I too shared with all my friends on facebook…..great idea for my lil one! Thank you :-)

  3. SkylarKD – Yes, perfect for Canada day. Thanks for mentioning! These would look great with red and white.

  4. Erica – Sorry that is a little confusing. Once you have the first pipe cleaner around the yarn, twist it once. Then turn the whole pom pom a quarter turn and split the yarn, making a way to slide a second pipe cleaner through. Pull it through and up and twist them all together. Does that make sense?

  5. Wow, this is really cute and perfect for my child. However, I’m still a little confused about the second pipe cleaner. I’m not sure what you mean by “split the yarn and pull it through and around again”. Can you help explain?

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