Craft a Snake Tie for Dad

Is the Dad in your life tired of getting a boring old tie every year for Father’s Day? Well, I snazzed up this Father’s Day tie. We crafted it into something new- a silly snake! He may not be able to wear it, but it will be a fun surprise! Your kids are going to love making these for their Dads.

Fathers Day Crafty Tie Snake

Craft a Snake Tie for Dad

Supplies for Snake Tie:

  • Tie – old used tie or one from the thrift store
  • stuffing – poly-fil craft stuffing
  • pencil, or long stick of some sort
  • hot glue gun (for adult use)
  • red felt
  • 2 googley eyes

Snake Tie Supplies

1- Brake off a small chunk of stuffing and place it down the hole of one of the sides of the tie. I started with the small end. Then using your pencil or long stick, push down the stuffing as far as you can.

Tie with Stuffing

2- Try to get at least half way down, then do the same for the other opening of the tie. Then fill and repeat until your whole tie is stuffed.

Snake Tie Stuffing

3- Once your tie is all stuffed ( kinda looking like it’s eaten a mouse!), then you’ll want to hot glue each end closed. Be careful with the hot glue, it’s hot and can burn.

Tie Snake Craft

4- Then cut out a tongue for the snake from the red felt. Ours has a fork tongue. Now hot glue the bottom end to the inside of the snakes mouth, or the bigger end of the tie.

Tie Snake Craft

5- Time for the eyes. Hot glue your 2 googley eyes to the top of the snake, or the top of the big area of the tie.

Now it’s ready to be given to a Dad! Hopefully this is one tie that he’ll be happy to get. Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. That is such a clever idea! Absolutely adorable…I have pinned it. We would love it if you would come by and link this post to Artsy Play Wednesday (and then we will also pin it to the Artsy Play Wednesday board.)

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! I made one for my son for Christmas out of my husbands old tie. He loves it!

  3. G’day! Thank you for this awesome idea – I’ve just styled an information booth with a snakes and ladders theme, and I wanted some friendly looking snakes. This tutorial was perfect, thank you! -Angie

  4. Love this idea! Always gratifying to upcycle unneeded items. I added a kinetic element to it by inserting coiled,flexible, thick wire to give the snake some bounce. I also used a diamond-shaped cardboard folded in half and covered it with the red felt to create an open mouth. Bold-colored Duct tape embellishments on the mouth and eyes ( fangs, tongue,eyelashes,etc. ) could be fun too.

  5. I made these for my preschool class on Christmas. I also took and empty medicine bottle with beans in it into the tail to make a rattlesnake. Big hit with class especially since we had a pet snake in our room

  6. I am going to try it and fill it with rice, that way it can be a heating pad too!! I don’t know about putting that fabric in the microwave to heat it but it could go in the dryer!

  7. We just got done making these and the boys love them. I don’t know that their daddy will get to see them much after father’s day. Stuffing them was a bit challenging, but we got through it. I ended up stitching them closed and stitching on the tongue. Then we used adhesive eyes. We’ll see how long they last. Thanks for the idea. Your awesome.

  8. Marisa – I think filling it with beans is a great idea. It would probably even move better that way, feel more real. And stitching the ends shut is perfect too. And yes, you don’t want any of those beans falling out into toddler hands!

  9. I’m definitely making one of these with my 5yo daughter! What do you think of using some kind of bean (lentils?) as a filler instead of poly-fil? Maybe if I stitched the ends closed instead of using glue, for extra security (because I have a toddler, too)?

  10. I love this! We have so many old ties around the house, and my youngest just loves snakes. I think we are going to have to make a few of these.

  11. Marie- I love that!! How fun!! I am sure we have some ties laying around hubby doesn’t wear, I think I will have to attempt it!! My daughter has taken to finding all sorts of objects we don’t need now and saying “what can we make out of this” so she will be thrilled to do something with an old tie!! (I think she must get that from all the crafts we make from recycled things!LOL)

  12. Oh my husband has so many “ugly” ties that he doesn’t want me to get rid of…..this is a great way for him to keep his tie and a great way to keep me happy because he won’t be able to wear it!!! haha


  13. Now that is a craft that I wanna make! So very cute, and it looks easy…which is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing.

  14. cute; I think the kids would love playing with these too; good use for all of the ties that are in the closet and being ignored. :)

  15. So cute! My hubby rarely wears ties now except to formal events. My girls would love making him a snake. You’re always so creative!

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