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Crystal Candy Cane Science

Crystal Candy Cane Science is a fun, simple science activity to try with the kids during Christmas break. The kids got so excited when they woke up to magical crystals that had grown on their candy canes overnight. My kids and I love trying simple science experiments out at home.  I have 3 kids, ages 3-7yr.  This crystal science experiment was fun for all of them.  These Crystal Candy Canes also make a great Christmas ornament.  The kids have ours hanging on our tree now.  They can not wait to see what we can grow crystals on next.

Crystal Candy Cane Science

Crystal Candy Cane Science

Supplies for Crystal Candy Cane Science Experiment:

  • borax
  • glass cup or glass mason jar
  • spoon
  • string
  • craft stick or paper straw
  • red and white pipe cleaners

what you need for crystal candy cane experiment

Directions for Crystal Candy Cane Science Experiment:

  1. Let the kids twist together a red and white pipe cleaner.
  2. Bend the pipe cleaners to form a candy cane.

how to make pipe cleaner candy canes

3. Take the pipe cleaner candy canes and tie a string to the top of them.

christmas science experiment for preschoolers

4. Pour 1/3 cup of borax in glass.

5. You can boil water on the stove or bring to boil in microwave. We did the microwave today.  I filled my pyrex measuring cup with  a few cups of water and heated between 4-5 minutes.  Caution this water is really hot.  I used a potholder to get it out and did not let the kids do this part.

how to grow crystal candy canes simple science for kids

6. Pour hot water into the glass with the borax in it.

crystal science for kids

7. Let the kids help mix together until the borax is dissolved.

crystal candy cane science

8. Take the candy cane pipe cleaners with string tied on them and tie the string to your paper straw or craft stick.

9. Let the kids place the candy cane down in the solution.

Christmas science experiment

The solution we mixed together (water and borax) will start to settle over night.  This is what causes the crystals to form.   The borax starts to form crystals on the pipe cleaners while suspended in the solution.  When you leave the candy canes overnight, the next morning you wake up to crystal candy canes. I love thet the kids and I can have fun while learning.  Simple science is always a hit at my house.

Christmas science experiment


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