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DIY Fabric Flower Headband

Headbands on little girls are just the cutest. I love big flower headbands for special occasions like church, holidays, weddings, parties, etc. These fabric flower headbands are too cute. So easy to make yourself and they turn out adorable. These would make great gifts too!

I love all the different fabric flowers there are to make these days. Here is the step by step for a very simple fabric headband. What I love about this one is that you can “slop” it together in a jiffy, and it still looks great!

DIY Fabric Flower Headband

DIY Fabric Flower Headband

Here is what you need:

  • one skinny headband (I have a thing for skinny headbands on little girls, I think they are adorable~! )
  • silky fabric (like treeko (sp?) or something like it)
  • matching silky ribbon to match the fabric
  • needle and thread
  • hot glue gun and small pearls

DIY Fabric Flower Headband supplies

Step 1 – Wrap the fabric with the ribbon.

DIY Fabric Flower Headband crafting

Step 2 – To prevent the ends of the ribbon from fraying, melt the ends a bit over a candle.

DIY Fabric Flower Headband crafting

Step 3 – Cut out a mis-shaped oval/circle shape, and thread a needle through the center.

DIY Fabric Flower Headband sewing

Step 4 – Pull the thread tight causing the fabric to bunch and ruffle.

DIY Fabric Flower Headband sewing

Step 5 – Tie the thread off with a few knots to secure the cinched fabric together.

DIY Fabric Flower Headband sewing

Step 6 – Now with a hot glue gun, hot glue the fabric flower to the headband and then hot glue the pearls to the fabric flower.

DIY Fabric Flower Headband finished

AND there you have it! A cute (because it’s not perfect at all) fabric flower headband.



  1. I love these! I just posted some DIY hairbows on my blog and I was looking for another (more sophisticated version) to try out. I think these would be perfect in some beautiful chiffon fabrics. I’m excited I found your blog (go google!).

  2. I’m echoing what everyone else has already said, but such a great idea made super simple. I wonder…does it work with other fabrics just as well? Hmmmm may have to give it a whirl with some of the scraps I have lying around.
    Thanks for sharing the idea.

  3. How creative! My girl will live this, and the color fits her perfectly! Thx!! visit us at {} we love visitors!

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