Don’t Get Puzzled, Valentine!

A few years back, we made really fun giant Valentine puzzles. These were great. Perfect for little hands to help with, cutting and forming the puzzle. I thought this would be fun to do for my children’s friends or classmates, so we made a mini version. This little heart puzzle is simple and fun to make, and fits perfectly in an envelope. Just add a little candy or pencil to make it complete.

Mini Puzzle Valentine Cards

Don’t Get Puzzled, Valentine!

Supplies for Mini Paper Valentines:

  • colored cardstock paper
  • scissors (child-friendly if you’ve got them)
  • black marker or crayons
  • envelope


1. Cut out a small heart, about 3-4 inches across.

2. Write something on the front. It could say “Be Mine” and then have your child’s name on there, so then the other children would have to finish the puzzle to see who it was from.

3. Cut up your heart into puzzle shape pieces and add them to your envelope.

Valentine Handmade Puzzle Cards

Place in a treat or toy and seal up the envelope. Hopefully your Valentine won’t be too puzzled! For another idea, see these darling Heart Shaped Photo Magnets!


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