Father’s Day Magazine Collage & Contest

Over the years, I have made lots of these magazine collages. They’re fun to make for yourself or give as a gift. This year for Dad, my kids made this Magazine Collage filled with all of my husband’s favorite things. (Sorry Jordan, pretend like you haven’t seen this yet when you get it on Sunday!)

Fathers Day Magazine Collage

We made a list of all the things Dad likes. Then we got out old “cut-able” magazines, found the images, cut them out, and glued them on.

My son thought he was really funny and cut out a picture of something that Jordan actually HATES with a passion. We kept it in the collage because my son was so funny about it. Then I thought this might be a fun little contest for Make and Takes. Whoever guesses first what Jordan hates the most on his collage will get a little Make and Take from me. Leave a comment with your guess. Only one entry per person. I’ll announce the correct answer later today! Oooo, who will guess it right first?

**Update: the answer was the cat. Jordan is very allergic to cats!**


  1. the cat has been said soo many times and if that’s really the answer then someone might have already got his/her prize already. I’m just excited if the laptop is the answer.. ha haha.. ooppss. no one said that!

  2. I am going to guess chocolate cake because that really is the worst thing in the world. Yuck! Second, would have to be chocolate chip cookies, sick! And, isn’t that a picture of a humming bird and not a woodpecker? Thanks for the fun ideas as always.

  3. My guess would have to be mowing the lawn. At least I think that’s what this picture is showing. I don’t know a dad who really enjoys mowing their lawn.

  4. Well, I would say cats, but I see it is the most popular choice ahead of me sooo…….I will say riding bikes.

  5. Darn, I was going to guess cats but that’s already been used. Second was dark chocolate, but that’s gone, too. So, here’s my guess: The stuff at the bottom?

  6. I’ll guess the shiny thing next to the dark chocolate. I can’t really tell what it is… and no one else has guessed it yet!

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