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Flash Card Rings

When my kids need something extra to do, we get out a set of flash cards. They are especially great for the car. All types of flash cards are available, usually found in the office section of the store. You can make your own, but their fairly inexpensive, so I tend to buy them pre-made from the store.

Flash Cards usually come in a box that makes them hard to pull out or the box gets ripped, making them difficult to put back. So I came up with a way to make flash cards easy to keep together, using rings.

Flash Card Rings

Supplies for Flash Card Rings:

  • Book Rings – preferably 1 1/2 to 2 inches in size
  • Hole Punch
  • Flash Cards

Simply take your flash cards and punch 2 holes at the top, spaced from end to end. I place a “punched hole” card on top of another so that the holes will all be in the same spot. Then attach your book ring to each side through all the holes of each flash card. Then clasp the book ring shut tight.

You’re done. Now you’re ready to go through your cards in a flash!


  1. What a great idea. My first graders write their weekly sight words on index cards and the ring will help keep them together in the baggies. Wow I am excited to go back to work with this idea! So glad I read this before we got up to our 220th card:-)

  2. Michelle – I just got the book rings at Walmart in the office section. I think I’ve also seen them at Target as well. They are just near the post-it notes and pink erasers in the office supply section.

  3. Fantastic!!! Can’t tell you the number of flashcard sets that have lost so many cards because I’ve continued to try to contain them in their original boxes or with rubberbands! Awesome idea! Many thanks!


  4. You can also use the crafter’s tool, the Crop-o-dile, to punch through a small stack at one time – and there is a little guard to keep all the holes at the same depth so that your cards will all be even in the rings.

    Another thing is punching one hole at the top of each, and using alpha flashcards in a 3-ring binder. You stack the whole alphabet on each ring and put 3 stacks next to each other and you have your own make-a-word flip book. It’s fun to see the goofy “fake” words as well as coming up with all the real ones.

  5. Thanks for the great idea. I am forever picking up flashcards off the floor and hate that they lose one or two or more and then we don’t have a complete set. I am running upstairs right now and punching a hole in them and connecting them with a ring. Simple idea but never thought of it.

    Thanks again!!

  6. That is such a great idea. I never would have thought to do that on my own. Thanks for all your great ideas!!!

  7. I’ve seen this done before and thought it was a good idea. But for some reason seeing it on your blog for the second time it hit me “Hey, I could do this with the flash cards in my classroom!” (duh!) So thanks for posting this…I will be doing this with all the flash cards in my classroom before the new school year starts. Those darn boxes never last and are a pain for kids to put away. I’m sure I’ll use this one day with my own kids too:)

  8. BRILLIANT!! I’ve often wondered what to do with these cards. My kids seem to rip the box apart the first time we open them. Now, I’ll have a little something fun for them in the car. And they won’t even realize they are learning! GREAT idea!!

  9. These rings are also great for older kids who have vocabulary to learn (either spelling words or even a foriegn language)! I made my own flashcards back in the day. Great hack!

  10. You are BRILLIANT! I love flashcards, but they are such a pain (box, my daughter scattering them everywhere, etc.) that I avoid them. I’m heading out to get some ASAP!

  11. Yes! This is so simple, yet so brilliant. I can’t tell you how tired I am of picking up a million flashcards off the living room floor – I’m doing this to all my flashcards TODAY. Thanks!

  12. I have begun to hate all our flashcards, because they end up everywhere! What a great idea with the rings–now they don’t need to get chucked in my irritation.

  13. I have those same word flashcards, but never would have thought to take them in the car for obvious reasons. Now I can!Thanks for another great idea.

  14. That is so smart. Why in the world didn’t I think of that before I lost some of Gracie’s flashcards?? :)
    ~ Lacie

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