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Heart Healthy Exercise Printable – FREE!

We’ve shared our Heart Healthy Exercise Game before on the blog, and it’s still such a great game to play. Especially for a classroom party surrounding Valentine’s Day. We’ve amped it up this year with some darling heart-shaped exercise cartoons. Contributor Juliann Law has come up with this darling printable for the game, perfect for kids to follow and join in on the fun.

Free Heart Healthy Exercise Printable

Play the Heart Healthy Exercise Game


Prep the Game:

Cut out each heart exercise from the printable and glue them into a 3×3 grid on the poster board with 9 exercises.

With your black marker, write the numbers 5,10, and 15 onto the cards – one number per card. These will be the cards the kids will pick for the number of exercise they do.

How to Play:

Have a child toss their bean bag onto the poster board, having it land on one of the heart exercises. The child picks a red card with a number on it. That child does the exercise shown with the number on their card – 5 kicks or 10 push-ups.

For a little extra exercise, have all the kids in the group do each set of exercises along with the child who tossed the bean bag.

Now you have the perfect printable to go with your heart healthy game! Have fun getting healthy.

Heart Healthy Exercise Game Free Printable

Download it now for FREE: Heart Healthy Exercise Game

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  1. I LOVE THIS ACTIVITY. I brought it to work 2 years ago and now I share it with other parents and teachers. Thank you.

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