Heart Shaped Animals

It is amazing what kinds of creations look like hearts. This is a fun activity to do with your kids that will help decorate your house for Valentines.

You will need to cut out A LOT of hearts. All colors and sizes. I did most (okay all) of the cutting, but I did try to help both my kids get used to using scissors for this project.


I like to fold the paper in half first. Then cut out half of a heart on the fold. That will help the hearts be more symmetrical. I tried to cut some hearts free-hand, but I just went back to folding the paper. Keep cutting to get as many hearts as you can out of one piece of paper.


Once you have all the hearts cut out, keep them in piles of the same kind. You can now start to put them together to form animals, or even other fun shapes. We did a few animals and bugs, then I let them decorate fun heart collages.


Here’s our animals close up: Dog and Fish


Butterfly and Snake


Bunny and Ladybug




I don’t list a pattern for these heart shaped animals, so I hope you can see what some of the sizes are by their pictures. Our house is now ready for Valentines.


  1. i just saw a bunch of similar pieces yesterday and thought we should try – thanks for the reminder – they turned out cute!

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