Holiday ABC Series: I is for Icicle

With winter making it’s way here, we’re at Letter I for Icicles for our Holiday ABC series. Living in Seattle, we don’t see a lot of snow or icicles, but we can sure create some! We’re making felt icicle ornaments to hang on our Christmas tree.

Supplies for Felt Icicle Ornaments:

  • 1 pipe cleaner – per icicle
  • 1 sheet of white felt – craft foam would work as well
  • scissors

1. With your scissors and felt, cut out ascending sizes of circles – 1/2 inch – 2 inches in size. For one pipe cleaner we used 12 pieces of circle felt, all in ascending sizes.

2. Cut a small 1 cm slit into the center of each circle.

3. Thread each of your circle felt pieces onto your pipe cleaner. Add them in ascending size.

4. When all of your circles are on, curl the pipe cleaner at the bottom once to hold them in place.

5. Leave enough room at the top of your pipe cleaner to make a loop and twist it at the top, creating a loop for your ornament hook or to place right on your tree.

Now it’s ready to hang. Make lots of them to hang on your tree or display on your window, creating a wintry scene.

What have you been making and crafting that starts with the letter I? Igloos, Icing?

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