Holiday ABC Series: Q is for Quilt

I love to decorate for the holidays, it makes the house so warm and snuggly. I kinda wish it was this way all year, with twinkly lights all over the house. One of my favorite items to display is a quilt I made almost 8 years ago – crazy to think how long it has been. And it fits in perfect for our Holiday ABC series, as I needed something with the letter Q.

Here are a couple other fun quilt patterns to make for the holidays to give as gifts to loved ones.

  • Basic Quilt Along Series: Learn to make a basic patchwork quilt with our 10 part quilt series. You’ll learn everything from choosing fabric, cutting squares, and sewing on the binding.

  • Make a Memory Quilt: I put together this memory quilt for my parents and their anniversary. I enlisted the help of all my siblings to come up with their favorite memories of growing up and to send me a few squares of fabric.

  • Paper Quilts with The Quilt Story: Celebrate this story with a paper quilt activity you can do with your kids. You could also read one of your favorite holiday stories to the kids and have them draw out their favorite scenes to make a holiday paper quilt.

Are you a quilter? What fun quilt patterns are you making for the holidays?



  1. We have also been having fun with your Holiday ABCs. We have done a few different things and my kids have also been drawing mini-pictures of each ABC item on one big sheet. It has been fun. Here are our letters so far: a-angel, b-bells, c-candy cane, d-decorate, e-elves, f-family/friends, g-gingerbread men/house, h-home, i-icicle, j-joy, k-Kris Kringle, l-lights, m-manger, n-nativity. We had fun making our own nativities, decorating the kid’s rooms with lights, making paper gingerbread men, making pipe cleaner elves and angels. Thanks for the fun times and gathering of my kids together.

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