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How to Make GIANT Bubbles

Hello Make and Take friends! I’m Mary Catherine of Fun-A-Day, where I share fun and meaningful early learning activities. I’m excited to be a part of the Get Out and Play summer series!

How to Make Giant Bubbles in a Kiddie Pool

Today, I’m sharing a simple and fun activity my preschool students enjoyed during summer camp. We spent most of the camp days outside, immersed in crazy painting activities, cool science experiments, and all kinds of summer fun. Our giant bubbles were definitely one of the highlights of the camp!

Making giant bubbles with kids

Materials for making giant bubbles:

  • Hard-shell kiddie pool
  • Dish soap (we used blue Dawn)
  • Hula hoop

Let kids make giant bubbles outside this summer - so much fun, and so easy to set up!

Directions for making giant bubbles

Add water to the kiddie pool, then add a cup or two of dish soap. Gently mix the water and soap together. We didn’t use a specific “recipe”, as we found we got better bubbles just using Dawn and water.

Once the soapy water is mixed, grab a hula hoop and an excited kiddo! Place the hula hoop into the kiddie pool, then have the child stand in the middle of the hula hoop. Bring the hula hoop up as evenly as possible, and you have a giggling child inside of a giant bubble!

Giant bubbles in a kiddie pool - what an awesome idea for summer!

I loved watching the children’s faces as they were encased in giant bubbles. Even better, I adored watching as they made the bubbles around themselves and their friends. The bubbles would twist and “dance”, depending on how the hula hoop was moved. We also found, through some experimentation, that moving the hula hoop faster sometimes led to even bigger bubbles around the kids.

What an easy and fun way for kids to make giant bubbles this summer

If you’re looking for more soap, water, and bubble ideas, I am very proud of a new collaborative book that’s out. It’s called Pop! Squirt! Splash! Hands-On Activities for Kids Using Soap, Water, & Bubbles. It’s available in e-book, Kindle, and paperback formats. Be sure to check it out for some summer fun!

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  1. My wife has done this for years with kids at church. For some reason she couldn’t make it work this year. Has Dawn changed their formula? Any other ideas? Thanks

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