Kid-Sized Spider Web

After making our Laced Spider Webs and sticking flies to our Sticky Spider Webs, we thought it would be fun to make a Giant Spider Web to lace and stick ourselves into. The kids were trying hard not to get “stuck” on the spider web as they crawled through to the other side.

Giant Spider Web

Supplies for Kid-Sized Spider Web:

  • Yarn – we used almost half a spool of yarn
  • Chairs – 4 to 6

Place the chairs out into a circle shape. Then with one end of yarn, tie a knot around the leg of one chair. Now unravel the yarn across to the next chair, and so on, until the web is wrapped at least 3-4 times around each chair. I had each child stand near one chair and they each took turns wrapping around a chair and unrolling it to another friend.

Once you’ve got your web as big as you want it, cut and tie off the loose end to a chair. Now the kids are ready to crawl under, over, around, and through their spider web. The kids learned they would get stuck if they didn’t step carefully. They loved being bugs!

For Added Spider Fun: toss a bean bag or spider toy into the web and have a child see if they can retrieve it without touching the web.


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