Last Minute Despicable Me Minion Costume

We are only days away from Halloween and it’s crunch time people! But have I got the perfect idea for you. It’s quick and easy, and oh so cute… Minions!!

Despicable Me Minion Halloween Costume

These minions from Despicable Me are our absolute favorite characters. We are so gaga for them right now. I personally think they stole the show. So I was happy to partner with Universal Pictures on a sponsored post for a quick and easy last minute Despicable Me Minion costume. It was fun for us to make and create this last minute costume, something you could put together in just a couple of hours, ready for a night of trick or treating.

Here’s what you need to gather.

For the hat:

  • yellow snow hat – a knit hat works best for threading the pipe cleaner (you could also hot glue the “hair” to any yellow snow hat)
  • scissors
  • black pipe cleaner

1. Cut your pipe cleaners to your desired length. Every minion has a different style of hair, so this is where you can get creative.

2. At the top of your hat, take a piece of pipe cleaner and thread it through the hat. If you go slow, it threads right through the knit hat.

3. Bend each piece of pipe cleaner up to stick out. Or to make the hair that is sticking up all over, space the threaded pipe cleaner 1 inch apart.

For the goggles:

  • wrapping paper tube or paper towel tube
  • scissors
  • silver paint and brush
  • black elastic – 1 inch in width, 12-18 inches long (depending on your child’s head size)
  • stapler

1. With your scissors, adult only, cut off a section of paper tube, 1/2 inch thick. Depending on how many eyes you want your minion to have, cut a second tube section as well.

2. Paint your tubes with your silver paint and let it dry completely.

3. Once your paper tubes are dry, staple them together in the center of the tubes, side by side.

4. To attach the elastic, fold over your elastic 1/4 of an inch and staple it to the inside of the tube. Stretch it around to the other side of the tube and staple it to the second tube.

Now you’re ready to mix and match your hat to your goggles. We decided to place our goggles on the kid’s forheads, but if you make your elastic long enough, you could easily place these goggles right on the kids eyes.

Add a yellow long sleeve shirt, blue overalls, black gloves and boots, and you’re set to be a minion for Halloween. I might even make one for me, it’s that cute!!

These cute silly hats are getting me excited for Despicable Me 2, coming out next summer, yippee! As well as these super fun Halloween printables to download for free. Create Treat bagsHomemade Minion TattoosPumpkin Carving Template, and Candy Wrappers. They’ve dressed the minions up in their own costumes, my kids love the baby minion the best! Allie of No Time for Flash Cards made a darling matching game out of these printables, perfect for a classroom party game!

Follow these Minions of Despicable Me on Facebook, visit the official website, and watch the teaser trailer for Despicable Me 2.

Happy Halloween!



  1. Snow hats are a little limited in stores right now, as it’s not quite winter wear. Call around to Walmart or Target. Or you can order one for overnight delivery on Amazon

  2. How cute!!! My son’s minion-themed birthday party is this Saturday and these would make perfect favors! Now I just have to find a bunch of yellow beanies really fast. Hmm…

  3. Where did you find the yellow hats? I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t find yellow. Getting desperate since Halloween is tomorrow. Let me know please. Thanks!

    1. Snow hats are a little limited in stores right now, as it’s not quite winter wear. Call around to Walmart or Target. Or you can order one for overnight delivery on Amazon.

      If you can find one, you could also use a swim cap or a yellow hoodie sweatshirt and glue the pipe cleaners on top.

      Good luck!!

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