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Make a Photo Box for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is just around the corner. Have you found the perfect gift? If you’re still looking for something special and unique, she is going to love this darling DIY Photo Box!

DIY Photo Box to Make for Mom

It’s perfect for showcasing all those instagram photos you’ve been taking of the kids… just what mom or grandma would love to receive!

Making a DIY Photo Box for Mom

DIY Photo Box

It also makes for a great little candy keeper as well. Fill it with some of Mom’s favorite treats, along with a few photos underneath! She’ll love it!


  • square jewelry box – 5″ box with a hinge or just a 4-5″ square cardboard box
  • sponge brush
  • craft paint (optional)
  • decoupage (Mod Podge)
  • printed photos and/or treats

NOTE: when printing your images, use a hard cardstock paper and a dry ink laser printer. I had my images printed at a local copy shop with their color laser printers. This way, they won’t smear when you add the decoupage!

Photo Box Painting and Decoupage supplies


1. If you’d like to decorate your box with paint, do this first. You can simply stain it or use an acrylic paint and give it some color. Let this dry completely before moving to step 2.

2. Choose the image that is going to be on the top of the box. Add some decoupage to the top of your box. Add some decoupage to the back of your image. Place the image in the center top of your box. Press it down with your fingers and secure it in place. Let this dry completely.

3. Add more decoupage to the top of your image and all over your entire box. This seals on the photo in place and it gives the whole box a nice finished shiny look. Let this dry.

4. Now it’s time to add your photos to the inside of your box. Or add in some of mom’s favorite treats.

Create a DIY Photo Box for Mother's Day

For one of the boxes, I added some seaglass. I chose a picture of my kids at the beach and placed in some of the fun seaglass we collected to remember our day in the sun! (This one is for me!)

Remember a day at the beach with Mom

Now your fun DIY photo box is ready to gift to mom or grandma for Mother’s Day!

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*Originally posted 5/2/14


  1. I was just trying to order the same going through Shutterfly, then I saw this pin. I would like to try and attempt this. Curious tho with the picture. Would I be able to just print out a picture at Walgreens/walmart? Or do I have to print it at a special place?
    Thanks so much
    Melissa K.

    1. For the images, you should be able to simply print your images anywhere and apply the actual image. I just chose to have mine copied onto paper. If you do that, make sure it’s not an ink jet printer. I’ve tried one of those and it can smear the ink when you apply the decoupage. I had mine photo copied at Fedex from already printed images. They used a cardstock paper and use their color laser printer. It worked great.

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