Holiday Paper Pockets for Gift Giving

Fill up these Holiday Paper Pockets with gift cards, charms, stickers, treats, and more. A fun little gift to give to neighbors or for your kids to give to their friends this holiday season. So easy to make, you’ll have a fun paper pocket in now time!

I’m happy to have Scotch Double Sided Tape here again today with an easy way to craft and give a holiday gift.

Supplies for Holiday Paper Pockets:

  • cardstock paper sheet – any size or color
  • paper scraps for decorating
  • double sided tape
  • markers or letter stickers

1. Cut your paper to your desired length. Fold your cardstock paper in half. You can fold this vertical or horizontal, depending on the size and look you want.

2. Using double sided tape, tape both sides of the paper together to form your pocket.

3. Once your card is folded and taped, it’s ready to get decorated. Cut out fun paper shapes with paper or embellish your pocket with holiday stickers or stamps.

4. Add a message to the outside of your pocket with either letter stickers or your marker. Now it’s ready to be filled with all kinds of goodies.

I’ve been having fun with double sided tape to complete all kinds of holiday projects. If you’d like another chance to win one of 25 samples of double sided tape, Scotch is here to help you out.

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  1. I love SCOTCH!! And double stick tape is my best friend. We use it all over the house. I especially love it for my kids to craft with. Much less messier than glue. I host a kids craft about once a month for my kids and their friends, I go through a lot of this tape (when I can afford it) Cleaning up glue all over the tables and chairs and FLOORs…..take forever!!

  2. My scotch double sided tape is in nearly EVERY room in the house! We use it for everything – crafts, school work, decorating, gift wrapping and whatever else you might need tape for! Long gone are the days when you had to make little circles of tape and stick to the backs of things! I could always use a little extra around the house (seriously, I keep one in a side pocket of my purse, too – because you NEVER know!!!)

  3. Love it. I hadn’t thought of making envelopes for those types of gifts. Much better than the clear party favor bags because I already have a ton of card stock and paper and scraps. I just happened to sort them today. Thanks for another great idea!

  4. I love double sided tape. It has so many uses. I prefer it over glue. I just used it to make some super cute Christmas advent calendars.

  5. I plan on using Scotch double-sided tape to make the Holiday Present Pockets. I am making food gifts for friends as presents, and the pockets would be wonderful to hold the recipes to give as well.

  6. I use double sided tape for the obvious uses such as scrapbooking or adhering gift tags. But I also use it alot at work when I make little cheat sheets for stuff I have to remember. I like them to be printed and matted on nice paper haha!

  7. I would love to use the double sided tape to wrap presents and for making snow fluffies out of napkins.

  8. I love using double sided tape for creating Diaper cakes and washcloth candies. Makes life sooo much easier!!!

  9. I’d like to use double-sided tape for making German Bells for Christmas ornaments. It would be much easier than regular tape and much less messy than glue!

  10. Taping things onto the walls of my kids rooms is a perfect use for double sided tape. It sure makes wrapping presents easy too.

  11. This will probably sound dumb and very basic, but I love that kids can put their own gift tags on presents with double-sided tape. It’s hard for them to make a loop out of normal tape and it can get frustrating, but not so with double-sided!

  12. I love using double sided tape for my scrapbooking needs. I also get all my paper out around various holidays and let the kids go at it for some fun holiday cards for grandparents. They love it! Thanks for the chance to win!

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