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Host a National Costume Swap for Halloween

As many of you know, each fall at our household we try to find new ways to put a little more GREEN in our HALLOWEEN!  In year’s past, we’ve focused on the trick-or-treaters. Something about giving out apples, play-dough and fruit leather seems to serve as both trick AND treat. My better-half says he’s befuddled each year that so many kids opt for the apples. (Ok, admittedly “befuddled” was my word. His was actually “I can’t believe we don’t get egged,” but we’re basically on the same page.)

This year, we’re bringing back the apples…and most likely the fruit leather…and (hold the smart-phone) we’re going rogue with flavored honey sticks as well! But before little ghosts and ghouls grace our door on Hallow’s Eve, they’ll be a whole-lotta costume changes at our house first. Especially when you’re dealing with the imagination of a four year old (as demonstrated in the photo on the left).

And that’s why I’m hosting a costume swap for friends and family the Friday before “National Costume Swap Day.” The official swap date nationwide is Saturday, October 12 with public and private “parties” across the country. You can check out if there’s one in your area here.

Host a National Costume Swap

Upcycle Halloween Costumes

If you discover, like I did, that there isn’t one nearby, think about hosting your own.Your swap can be as easy or elaborate as you chose. I’m keeping it simple: friends and family can bring previously loved costumes to the event and swap out for “new to you” articles; or just drop pieces off at my house before the swap date that participants are welcome to. We’ve already been enjoying the benefits of repurposing old gear. For our first ComicCon adventure, Holden pieced together his Spiderman jump suit with bumblebee antenna to magically become “Ant Man;” and I upcycled a dress my grandmother used for a wedding years ago for a colorful take on Princess Leia.

Find out more about hosting your own Costume Swap  or read up about the latest in eco-friendly choices for home, school and community at Green Halloween and the official 2013 National Costume Swap Website.

Have a safe, happy and green Halloween!

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