New Year’s Eve Noise Makers

My kids have yet to make it to midnight on New Year’s Eve, but this year my son is determined to stay up… we’ll see! So in preparation, we’re gathering our pots, pans, and noise makers for the big count down. We’ve been crafting these fun Homemade Noise Makers out of recycled paper rolls.

Supplies for Paper Roll Noise Makers:

  • empty toilet paper roll OR paper towel roll
  • wax paper/tissue paper – cut a 4×4 square for each (Wax paper works best as it’s more sturdy, the tissue paper tends to tear.)
  • hole punch
  • rubber band
  • markers, stickers, crayons

I learned how to make this is a fun musical instrument in college for a class called, Music in Education; teaching kids that music can be made out of almost anything! So true.

On one end, punch a hole about 1 inch in from the edge. Now on the same end, fold over a square cut piece of wax paper over the opening. Use the rubber band to hold it in place.

Make sure the paper is on tight over the end. It won’t make a good sound unless the paper is on tight. Now on the open end, say “Do Do Do Do” into your tube to test out the sound. It should sound kind of like a kazoo. We were “Do Do-ing” the song to Star Wars and it sounded great!

Decorate your noise maker with your markers, stickers, and crayons and you’re set for Midnight! Have fun making noise to ring in the New Year. Happy to 2009!


  1. What a no-brainer craft for daycare! I’ve got 12 kids here most days and anything that involves using their hands AND candy is a winner!!!

  2. if u think about it is actually kinda disgusting my sister and i smelled something we smelled the toilet paper rolls and they like pee/poop. i don’t to use this idea?

  3. can’t wait to try… DS always enjoys fun, easy crafts.

    “Hashi”: how did you make your own hats?!

  4. Even though I’m a little late, I still think my daughter would love this! She and I were both in bed by 9pm, btw ;)

    I have several small rolls from making tutus this Christmas that will be just right…

  5. Usually my husband goes to the party store and gets a box of hats/noisemakers/poppers for NYE. Last night we made your toilet roll noisemakers and our own hats. Fun! Cheap! Yay!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Oh, and Becca … we’re on the US west coast, but celebrate “midnight” at 9pm when the ball drops in New York. Then it’s off to bed for everyone. I completely concur about valuing sleep!

  6. Thanks for the reminder of these fun noise makers. I’m off to cut a wrapping paper roll in thirds for the kids to make theirs :)

  7. I guess I’m weird. We don’t make that big of a deal about ushering in the New Year at my house. We kind of did when we were little, but now I could really care less. It’s not that I am appathetic, it’s just that I have learned to value my sleep more.

    My kids don’t even know that most people stay awake to usher in the New Year. And I think I might keep it that way.

    1. Becca, New Year Day is the first day of the calendar year. It is celebrated as a holiday in almost every country in the world. It is a time of gaiety, sharing with friends, remembering the past, and hoping for good things in the future. Holiday celebrations can be wonderful opportunities for children to learn about the traditions and values that are cherished parts of people’s lives. Celebrating Holidays with your children can also be a great bonding experience. Every New Years Eve, my family and I do things together like watch the local parade, make crafts, play board games, make fruit and veggie smoothies. What ever we choose to do we do it together. Each New Year, my husband and I make it a point to start a casual conversation about what each of us enjoyed about the past year and what each of us hope for the new year.

      My family and I also value our sleep routine. However, I’m convinced that the pro’s of bonding with my family far outweighs the con’s of staying up late one night a year.

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