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Quick Parenting Tip: Eat More “Fast Food”!

It’s true. One of the greatest discoveries I made as a parent was when I unlocked the power and precision of “fast food“. As Moms, we’re expected to pack 36 hours worth of activity into 24 hours. We need a “Time Turner” more than Hermione Granger.

Eat More Fast Food

Before my kids were born, too often I’d settle for a pre-packaged, over processed slice of bread or pastry creation (umm, powdered doughnuts); but with children it suddenly took on a whole new meaning. The reality?

  • I needed food that was easy to consume.
  • I needed food that came with easy packaging.
  • I needed food that was convenient.
  • I needed Fast Food.

I get it. People these days are talking all about food and health, weight gain, diabetes… a host of Western Diseases that seem to have a direct correlation to drive-through food. But I’m not really talking about food created and packaged with devastating environmental and health impacts. So before you think I’ve let the pollution go to my head, I’ll admit it. I’m looking for a different kind of happy meal. I’m talking about nature’s original fast food.

Parenting Tip: Eat More “Fast Food”

What’s easier than grabbing a banana on the run? Already pre-packaged to perfection; and the container can be composted for a zero-sum game.

The day I realized that whole foods are as easy to grab as a bag of individually wrapped snack-packs, was the day this mama found freedom.

Now yes, I get it… fresh produce is hard to keep on hand. It goes bad if not consumed in a timely manner. But do you really want to trust something in your body that doesn’t spoil? Ekk. It’s scary to think of what science had to come up with to make something have the shelf-life of a PopTart.

When you stock your kitchen (and oy vey: car) with healthy options, the choice is between good and great.

Now admittedly, my kids aren’t the world’s best eaters (I have a toddler and a pre-schooler, two tough eating ages for sure); but they have been known to devour fresh peaches and tomatoes (above left) at the farmer’s market. I was actually “tricked” into purchasing broccoli once from the grocery store when my son bit into it right in the produce isle.

So what say ye? Perhaps this month (this week, just today?) you try out the experiment of fast food. Instead of the drive through, grab a few apples or opt for the produce section and let the kids run wild with their “fast food”!

photo credit: Alona Kraft

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