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Pesto with Sun Dried Tomatoes

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for it to be summer. I miss my garden and my tomatoes and the sun. Solution: sun dried tomatoes. This recipe for a pesto made with sun dried tomatoes is perfect for any dip! They pack a punch of flavor that gets me by until it warms up again.

Pesto with Sun Dried Tomatoes

Pesto with Sun Dried Tomatoes

By now, I’m sure everyone has heard of and probably tried these tasty little morsels. We simply can’t get enough of them at my house.

A few years ago, my cousin brought some delicious Pesto with Sun Dried Tomatoes from her local deli to a luncheon. Man was it good! Then and there I decided to come up with my own version because, if I do say so myself, it is the most delicious dip/spread to ever grace my palate.

This is a recipe that is forgiving and open to adaptations.  I just gave a rough estimate of how I make it.  Feel free to add other herbs or ingredients to make it your own.

P.S.  This is a great thing to make and take to a party.

(The pesto pictured above was made from oil-packed sun dried tomatoes and is a bit darker in color.  The toasts are simply slices of  a baguette brushed with olive oil and topped with Parmesan cheese, then broiled. )

You can use sun dried tomatoes bottled with olive oil, or loose in a bag. You can find instructions for soaking and softening the tomatoes here.  When I don’t have fresh herbs on hand, I use dried herbs and it works also works great.  Use whatever you have on hand.

The pictures below show the bagged tomatoes that I soaked. Honestly, I like it better with the oil-packed tomatoes because it’s easier, but either way is really great.  Add less olive oil if you use bottled sun dried tomatoes.


  • handful each of toasted almonds and pine nuts
  • 3 oz. or so soaked sun-dried tomatoes (or packed in oil)
  • Parmegiano-Reggiano to taste (I used 1/2 cup and it was a little too much.)
  • 1/4 of a small onion – grated
  • 1 clove garlic (or more to taste)
  • fresh parsley
  • red pepper flakes
  • freshly ground black pepper
  • kosher salt
  • dried basil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Place the sun-dried tomatoes in the bowl of a food processor. Pulse until the tomatoes are roughly chopped. Add the remaining ingredients up to the olive oil. Process until smooth. Add enough olive oil to make the pesto the desired consistency–about 1/2 to 3/4 cup.

Yields about 2 cups.

Serving suggestions:

Spread for crackers, toasted bread rounds, sandwiches
Dip for veggies
Pasta sauce–you should a little pasta cooking water for a smoother sauce


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  1. This looks wonderful! I still have some roasted tomatoes from last summer in the freezer, and I am thinking this would be a great way to use them!

  2. Great recipe! We have about 5 lbs of sun dried tomatoes from Costco (of course my husband bought this. Who knows what he was thinking.), and I’ve been trying to find something to do with all of them.

  3. Thanks for the nice comments!

    Sarah, I prefer to use the oil-packed when I can because I think it makes for a smoother pesto. But really, either one will be great. It’s one less step, too, which is nice when you are in a rush.

  4. pesto is the best. as base for pizza. as topping for bruschetta, or just yummy toasted bread, for pasta there are so many ways you can use. I prefer the tomato one, but the basil one is so good, too.

  5. Tomatoes are my all-time favorite, but I rarely work with sun-dried. Thanks for the idea. And I invite all foodies to swing by Momtrends on Friday–I have a recipe linky.

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