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Mothers Day Cards with Plastic Bottle Stamped Flowers

Mom will love beautiful homemade cards from the kids this Mother’s Day. We’ve got some really fun ideas including these topiary cards with dried flowers, painted swirly flower cards, and scratch-off date with mom cards. Below we show you how to make stamped plastic bottle flowers for homemade Mother’s Day cards too. Kids will have so much fun making these for mom.

plastic bottle flowers stamped with paint onto homemade cards

What I love about these cards is that no two flowers will be the same. Kids can mix and match paint colors, to make beautiful multi-colored petals.

How to make plastic bottle flowers for cards

Supplies needed:

  • Card stock -white
  • Acrylic paint – assorted colors
  • Crayons – green and a second color for the ribbon
  • Plastic bottle
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper plate to pour the paint on

paint, card stock, plastic bottle and crayons to make mothers day cards


Fold your card stock in half.

Using the paintbrush, paint the bottom of your plastic bottle. You can use just one color, or use a variety of colors. Notice how each flower looks completely different as you blend colors together. You can wash your bottle if you want to between brushing on paint, but we just kept blending more colors as we made each new flower.

a plastic bottle painted to make a flower

Stamp the bottle onto the front of your folded card. Repaint, and then repeat to make three pretty flowers.

flowers stamped onto card by painting plastic water bottles

Paint the lid of your plastic bottle and stamp it in the center of each flower.

the lid of a plastic water bottle with paint on it to make the center of a flower

Using crayons, add stems and ribbons to your painted flowers so they look like a pretty bouquet.

homemade mothers day cards painted with flowers stamped with water bottles

Set your card aside to dry completely before you open it and write a message inside for mom.

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