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Serve Birthday Cupcakes on a Painted Party Plate

We seem to have a lot of birthdays during the summer and into September. We recently celebrated my 4 year old with a Rainbow Party and last week we celebrated my 7 year old with a water park party. With lots of family birthdays, I thought it would be fun to make a painted party plate we could use every time we had a birthday. I think this is going to be one of those special plates we will use for years to come!

Supplies for Painted Birthday Party Plate:

  • glass or ceramic plate
  • glass paints – we used DecoArt’s Frost Gloss Enamels
  • paint brush or sponge brush
  • stencils – happy birthday and a sunburst from DecoArt which are awesome and stick to the surface!

1. Wash and dry your plate. Follow the instructions on the paint bottle for the best results.

2. Place your Happy Birthday stencil on one end of the ceramic plate and press it down to stick.

3. Dab your sponge brush with paint and dab the paint onto the plate. Do this for each color you’d like to use. I had a napkin and wet wipe next to my area to help save with time and changing out my paint colors.

4. Pull up your stencil carefully until it’s removed. Now, you can be done here or paint another one. I chose to place my stencil down on the opposite side and repeat step 3.

5. For the center of the ceramic plate, add the sunburst stencil and paint in a couple of colors with your sponge brush. Lift the stencil and do this 2 more times to make them go all across your plate.

6. Let the paint dry. You can bake it as well to make it dishwasher safe. Be sure to follow the instructions on the paint bottle.

Once it’s done and dry, it’s ready for some cupcakes. Happy Birthday!

Thanks to DecoArt for sponsoring this post. The ideas and tutorial are my own. To get more fabulous glass painting ideas, make sure to head over to DecoArt’s Glass Paints and see snazzy videos with ideas and tips. You can find all the glass painting supplies you need over at Michael’s Crafts. And follow DecoArt on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


  1. What a cute idea! My sons birthday is next month and I think he’d love to make one himself!!

    1. Great idea getting the kids involved. Then it’s even more meaningful. Maybe they could pass it on to their kids!

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