Simple Craft for Jingle Bells

We’ll be jingling bells this week as we celebrate Christmas. These simple bell crafts are perfect for kids to help make and jingle, adding some extra cheer as a-caroling we go!

Jingle Bell Christmas Craft

Supplies for Jingle Bell Craft:

  • pipe cleaners (aka chenille stems)
  • small jingle bells, 1/2 inch – 1 inch size bells

Jingle Bell Craft Supplies

  1. Fold pipe cleaner in half.
  2. Thread folded pipe cleaner through the hook at the top of the bell.
  3. Bend the pipe cleaner in half, through the bell’s hook.
  4. Twist up the pipe cleaner to make a hand holder.

Jingle Bells Craft for Kids

Now they’re ready for a one horse open sleigh! Have fun jingle belling at Christmas.


  1. So cute, my 2.5 year old can even do this one which is a big plus in our house. I made jingle bell necklaces (just thread some cute skinny ribbon through a jingle bell and knot it) for their stockings from Santa and his elves they’ve been wearing all day.

    I bet a few jingle bells (3) like a small bouquet on the pipe cleaner would make a nice sound… we’ll have to whip some up for our music basket in the playroom!

  2. Cute! It would be cute to loop the pipe cleaner and wear over the ears as earrings – If you’re three and don’t have pierced ears it would be cute anyway :)

  3. So cute. I made a different version. I glued 6 of them onto a large craft stick. 3 on each side. It was a bit of a challenge to not hot glue the little bell inside of them…but they worked out okay. I love this idea, and it is a bit more kid friendly since you don’t need glue! Love it….


  4. Petit Elefant – We’re pretty obsessed with bells too! Which can drive a mama a little crazy, but hey, it’s the holidays!!

    Margo – So glad this will work out. It would go great with Polar Express. And these are perfect for kids to make!

  5. Oh this is perfect. I like to read “The Polar Express” to the kids each Christmas. Now with this idea we can include a craft and then each child will have their own special Christmas bell. Thank you, I’ve been looking for just the right way to present jingle bells ever since that book was printed.

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