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What is Something Creative You Will Do in 2019?

I couldn’t have asked for a better community to be a part of. Really! Over these last several months as I’ve been writing A LOT about creativity and what it really means for me, I’ve loved reading all the comments and notes sent my way. Thank you for all the love, kindness, and joy that this amazing creativity community brings to my life, only lifting me up higher!

Thank You to this Amazing Creative Community

To say thank you in a really BIG way, let’s start 2019 off with a BANG shall we? How about an old fashioned GIVEAWAY??? I’m ready to start 2019 off fresh with something big and juicy, so here we go…

Geting Curious About Creativity

I’m calling it the “Getting Curious About Creativity” giveaway with $500 up for grabs!! Yup, you read that right. I want to see what you will create for yourself in 2019 and you’ll need some cash to get started. I’m giving away a $500 Visa gift card for you to buy all the arts & craft supplies you can think of!

Buy all the glitter

We could all use some bonus cash to create something fresh, right? My hope is you spark something creative in yourself… yes, YOU! And you’ll join me in my curious creative journey for 2019 (more details coming)!

  • Buy all the yarn
  • every paintbrush available
  • gallons of glitter
  • googly eyes galore
  • or more piles of fabric than you’ll know what to do with!

Doesn’t matter what you do with it as long as you…

give yourself permission to be creative!

So simply answer this question below in the comments. That’s all you have to do and you’re entered to win!

What is something creative
you will do in 2019?

My hope is this extra cash in your pocket is going to help to do something creative. Maybe creativity classes, buying craft supplies, or travel to some place that gives you creative inspiration! Whatever you’d need to get you going and be your badass creative self!


Giveaway Details:

UPDATE: giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered. Our winner is comment #11 Cindy Smith. I’ve reached out via email :) 

Happy creating everyone!

*image credits: Courtney Hedger, Jason Leung, Sharon McCutcheon


  1. I would use the prize to indulge in all my favorite craft fantasies! I would mini-splurge on luxurious yarns, decorator fabric, planner accessories, the best acid-free pens, washi tape, books and other little knick-knacks that I normally don’t allow myself to go too crazy with.

  2. I want to learn to sew on a machine! I have been given 3 very good potable sewing machines and NO, I can’t sew! LOL. They were all from family and family friends that were experts! I just need to learn!!!

  3. For 2019 I will be planning homemade Christmas and birthday gifts for my family and friends. I belong to a sewing group that is part of ASG American Sewing Guild. We are planning some charity sewing projects that will benifit children.

  4. I would love to get creative in my kitchen! I’d redo my backsplash and painted something pretty, we paint my countertops and cabinets, and totally bling out my refrigerator LOL

  5. I have two of the most creative crafty daughters. My greatest fear as they grow is that they will lose some of that. I have done my best to support the ideas they come up with, but in 2019 I hope to do more to push and encourage their creative sides. I want to keep their minds working and making and creating. That’s how I plan to be creative in 2019.

  6. I would take cooking classes and buy all the supplies I need to up my cake design! Also, I would totally buy that crochet kit at Purl I have had my eye on! Pick me!

  7. I want to purchase a variety of craft classes especially quilting but also drawing and baking. I also want to try my hand at embroidery. I should probably create calendar events so 2019 doesn’t disappear!!

  8. I want to knit a sweater. I have conquered socks,mittens, and scarves. A sweater is on my to do list

  9. I would love to say “knit all the things,” but that’s a bit unrealistic. I would love to paint a mural on a wall in my house.

  10. I love genealogy and I have always wanted to create a beautiful family tree to hang on my wall. I would love to paint it on a large piece of wood and add the names using calligraphy. I have never tried calligraphy, but I very excited to learn it!

  11. The most creative thing I plan to do I 2019 is figure our how to make the most out of the space in the much smaller house we downsized to and make it look as good as possible!

  12. I’m planning to add to my calligraphy skills by learning Spencerian script. And doing lots of practice with pretty metallic inks. And learning letterpress so I can create my own cards to calligraph.

  13. I am a full time employee and part time PhD student so I don’t have much time to be creative during the semester. I have an active list of plans for the upcoming holidays and for next summer. One project before I return to work on January 2nd is to finish making my Franken-planner. I bought a clearance Happy Planner mini and have been making my own planner pages to fit my life. I don’t need the mom-centered pages. I need pages for a busy work week, courses one day a week, study & research time, and still have time with my husband. I need to make sure that all work and class deadlines are kept. I couldn’t find a planner that was designed in a way that worked for me but read about people making their own pages. What a difference! Customization is great.

  14. I’ve been wanting to take favorite quotes from tvahows or movies and turn them into cool art, to make into posters or magnets (I have a 1.25 inch magnet or badge maker). But I gotta learn art programs first. And I want to build a king sized bed for me and queen sized one for my daughter. And I’m hoping to design some inspirational wall art for our playroom. And do some more hand lettering hopefully to sell. So many things!

  15. I’ve been wanting to make large pictures to hang of beautiful cloud photos crisp and brilliantly clear with high dpi. I want to frame them with high-quality plexi (no matt, no border), and have them hung in a room that is perfectly minimal and flooded with south lighting, it would be airy, fresh, and lilting! A good place to inspire creativity.

  16. In 2019 I will tackle my craft room supplies. I plan to use up all the “supplies” I have collected over the last years – fabric, ribbons, wreath forms, wiggly eyes, buttons etc. In order to do this, I need to be creative and make items with what I have – no new items are allowed until the old are put to creative use!!

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