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Get Creative with Watercolor Brush Indent Designs

Watercolor is one of my personal favorite artistic methods! It’s so simple to do and make something really creative. This technique of making watercolor brush indent designs are easy to do yourself and make beautiful and personalized gift tags or greeting cards!

Painting Watercolor Brush Indent Designs for Gift Tags

Watercolor Brush Indent Designs

I first learned of watercolor in my teens from my sweet big sister, Sue, an amazingly talented artist! She would come home from art school with loads of paint and experiment. I have memories watercoloring with her and learning this technique of turning your brush upside down for a fun indent design look.

My favorite design I came up with were these dragonflies. I was obsessed with them back in the day!

Watercolor Designs with a Brush Indent Technique

This is such a fun and unique method to watercoloring. Even the kids can make their own designs when you get out the watercolor supplies!

Watercoloring Gift Tags with Indent Brush Designs

DIY: Watercolor Brush Indent Designs


  • watercolor paints
  • brushes
  • watercolor paper
  • cup of water
  • paper towel
  • newspaper
  • black marker
  • scissors

Watercoloring Supplies Painting Indent Designs


1. Set up your station. Fill your water only halfway, it will be less likely to spill if you’re painting with kids!

Setting Up Your Watercoloring Station

2. With your most flat brush, paint a square or rectangle color block. You could also do this with circles as well – really any large 1-2 inch painted shape. If you don’t have a 1 inch flat brush (which I highly recommend, it’s such a great brush) you can use any brush and outline your shape, filling it in with paint.

Making Watercolor Block Shapes for Indent Designs

3. With the other end of your brush, press and draw a design into the area you just painted. You want it to be wet, don’t let it dry. This way, the paint runs into the indented lines and fills in darker, making it stand out.

Watercolor Painting Indent Designs with your Brush

Draw hearts, butterflies, dragonflies, simple lines, or flowers. Anything goes!

Making Brush Indent Watercolor Designs

4. Let these dry for a few hours and they are ready to cut, write, and tag your gift!

Writing Notes on Watercolor Gift Tags

You can make these as gift cards or tags for loved ones.

Making Watercolor Brush Indent Gift Tags

So many different creations you can make with these cool watercolor indented designs! Happy painting!

*Originally posted 1/13/15

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