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Catching Velcro Balls with our Heads

I’ve written before about Velcro Catch Ball using knit gloves to play. But today, we’re using knit hats to make the catch. My kids are loving this fun and easy catch game, helping to get us through these indoor winter days.

Catching Velcro Balls with our Heads

Catching Velcro Balls with our Heads

Here’s how you make and play Velcro Hat Ball:

  • attach stickyback velcro onto a small plastic ball. UPDATE: the more velcro you add the easier it is to catch, so load them up with about 6-8.
  • place your knit hat on your head and toss the ball up into the air
  • make the catch by jumping up and trying to have the velcro ball land and stick on your hat

Knit Hat Catch Game

Now you’re ready to play. You can play this alone by tossing the ball up and making the catch. Or you can play this with another person, tossing it to each others hat.



  1. This just looks like waaaaay too much fun! I’m definitely picking up some plastic balls and velcro stickers TODAY in preparation for the next snow day!

  2. Wonderful indoor idea to get children up and moving! I am doing a workshop for child care providers all about how to get children doing large motor exercise inside when the weather is bad. Is it ok to use your post if I site your blog on the top of the handout?


  3. what a cute idea! i think my kids would love to throw balls at eachother’s heads… and not get in trouble! i am filing this at thecraftersfilebox.com. thanks for sharing!

  4. I’ve updated this post to tell you that the more velcro you add the easier it is to catch, so load them up with about 6-8, or more if you can.

  5. We used to play this too, only we wore sweaters or something the balls would stick on and threw them at each other. Fortunately, no one got hit in the face with any. We had two forts set up at each end of our basement. We had prickle balls that went to a dart board (safer than darts).

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