Holiday m&m Taste Testing

With so many red and green m&ms available during the Holidays, I thought it would be fun to mix them all up in a bowl and have an m&m Taste Test. We closed our eyes, picked one out, and popped it in our mouths. It was always a surprise to taste which flavor we were eating. My son thought he was sneaky by feeling around in the bowl a little first, trying to avoid the larger peanut ones! (wash all hands before diving into bowl)

We also took our findings from the taste test and graphed them. Using this printable m&m Tasting Graph, we graphed each try with the color of crayon that matched the m&m in our mouth. It was fun to see the results and how either red or green m&ms got picked.

Then we answered some questions at the end from the m&m findings of our graph.

  • Which one had the most?
  • Which one had the least?
  • Which one is your favorite? Peanut Butter won out! My daughter said “green” was her favorite!
  • How many red m&ms were eaten?

This Holiday m&m Activity would be great to do on Christmas day with all the cousins to share in the taste testing fun.


  1. Hahahah!

    Why leave it for Christmas Day? I say any day’ll do, when it comes to m&m’s… in fact, you could have a warm up session every night until Christmas, then the kick-off on Christmas day, for a week-long scientific study, followed by a couple months of double-checking to make sure you got the stats right…. and by then, of course, you’d have to switch to the spring colors….


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