Oil Pastel Witch Hat Drawings

Black paper and oil pastels are one of my most favorite art time combinations. My girls and I had fun designing our own wacky witch hats, just in time for Halloween decorating! This is an open-ended project that is fun for little and big kids. Moms and dads might enjoy designing their own hats, too – family art night!

Witch Hat Drawing

Supplies for Witch Hat Drawings:

  • black construction paper
  • oil pastels
  • metallic gel pens or Sharpies (optional)

We started with a little hat-drawing brainstorming session: Will your hat be straight hat or have a bend at the top? Do you want a skinny hat or a wide hat? Will you make the brim big or little?

Witch hat drawing ideas

Draw your hat in pencil first, if you like, then outline with pastel. Encourage your artist to fill the page with a nice, big hat!

Witch hat shape

Now, it’s time to decorate the hat any way you like. I love the look of bright oil pastels on black paper! Your hat could have stripes, polka dots, pumpkins, zig-zags, doodles, patches, or any thing else you can think of.

Witch hat pastel drawings

If you have any metallic Sharpies or gel pens, they show up well on black paper, too. Add some shiny details to your hat or background.

Witch hat drawing with gel pens

My girls had such fun designing their hats, that they sat and made quite a few drawings. Now, find a great place to display your silly or spooky witch hat!

Happy creating!

Witch hat drawing project for kids

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